Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge in Aruba

The Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge in Aruba was a natural limestone bridge formation located on the southeastern coast of the island.

It was one of the most popular tourist attractions in Aruba due to its unique geological formation and picturesque views.

Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge in Aruba
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The bridge was formed over thousands of years through the erosive forces of wind and water, resulting in a large arch-like structure that stretched over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Visitors could walk across the bridge and admire the stunning coastal scenery.

Unfortunately, the Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge collapsed in September 2005 due to natural erosion. However, there is still a smaller bridge nearby known as the Baby Natural Bridge, which attracts visitors interested in experiencing a similar geological wonder.

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Natural Bridge in Aruba
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While the original natural bridge is no longer accessible, the area remains a popular destination for tourists exploring the rugged beauty of Aruba’s coastline.

Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge, Aruba: Important Details

  • Location: Southeastern coast of Aruba
  • Type: Natural limestone bridge formation
  • Formation: Created over thousands of years by erosive forces of wind and water
  • Attractions:
    • Large arch-like structure
    • Picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea
    • Opportunity to walk across the bridge
  • Collapse: Occurred in September 2005 due to natural erosion
  • Nearby Attraction: Baby Natural Bridge, a smaller bridge formation
  • Current Status: The original bridge collapsed, but the area remains a popular destination for tourists exploring Aruba’s coastline.
Aruba Bridge
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The best time to visit Seroe Colorado

Sunny Skies and Peak Season:

  • Dry Season (January – August): Aruba basks in sunshine during this period, making it perfect for soaking up the Caribbean rays and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking to the natural bridge. The constant trade winds also help keep things cool and comfortable. However, this coincides with peak tourist season, so expect larger crowds and potentially higher prices for flights and accommodations.
SMALE Bridge
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Shoulder Seasons: Tranquility or Occasional Showers?

  • Shoulder Seasons (September – November & May – June): If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere with potentially better deals on travel, the shoulder seasons offer a compelling alternative. The weather remains generally favorable with warm temperatures, though occasional rain showers become more likely. September to November might see slightly more rain, while May to June tends to be drier.
BABY Bridge
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Budget-Friendly Low Season:

  • Low Season (December – April): Aruba experiences its wettest months during this time. While rain showers are more frequent, they are typically short-lived and prices for travel can be significantly lower. This translates into the least crowded time to visit Seroe Colorado, ideal for those seeking a secluded experience. However, be prepared to adjust your outdoor plans around any potential rain.
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The Sweet Spot:

Taking everything into consideration, the dry season (January – August) offers the most consistent sunshine for outdoor activities. But if you’re flexible with the weather and prioritize avoiding crowds or finding better deals, the shoulder seasons present a tempting option. Ultimately, the best time to visit aligns with your personal preferences for weather, crowds, and budget.